How can you help us hire exceptional employees?

By Carine Lacroix
Among a handful of companies, WOW operated in a very niche sector that required a specialized knowledge which is rare in the market.
Most of the core team originated from a big tech firm that was sold years ago and represented the most productive workforce of WOW.
But the core team were contacted by the competition and due to appealing job offers, some employees left WOW to work for them.
Adam was a tech and marketing visionary. Following the acquisition of the tech company (ABC) where he was working, Adam decided to create his own tech company (WOW). WOW was operating in a very niche sector and Adam had the ambition to disrupt his industry, provide the best in class service and only work with the best workforce and partners.  With that goal in mind, he convinced a couple of former colleagues and top performers from ABC to join him. The first few years were great, and the company was growing. But then market disturbances started impacting the business. Several good employees who originated from ABC were pursued by the competition and ultimately resigned from WOW and went to work for them. At that point, Adam thought his company was breaking down. He then looked for help and started working with a recruiting company that specialized in the technology field. The recruiting firm provided great candidates on paper but after a short period of time, it was clear that they were not skilled for the job and/or were not aligned with the organization culture. Most of them were then terminated within 3-6 months from their hire date. In that context and with the advice of his former manager at ABC, Adam decided to use Reneshone to find suitable candidates. Our mandate was to find him three recruits: a senior project manager, a technical consultant and a business consultant.
Getting the Gears to Mesh

Because client renewals were coming up, Adam was determined to get the right employees as soon as possible and therefore, he agreed to follow our process.

  • We had two working sessions: 1)To understand WOW’s vision, mission and objectives and how they relate with the workforce dynamic; 2)To confirm the need to hire for the roles and understand the responsibilities and tasks that will be attached to the roles as well as the potential impacts of the roles in the organization.

  • We reviewed current job descriptions for the roles to determine alignment with what was discussed with Adam during our working sessions.

  • We reviewed market data to determine competitive rewards for the roles (compensation, health and dental coverage, vacation, etc.)

  • We agreed on a range of base pay for each role and maximum vacation entitlement per hire. As well as other potential perks.

  • We designed and created new appealing job descriptions and started sourcing candidates.

  • We conducted prescreening interviews to determine skill-fit, organization-fit, culture-fit, compensation-fit and most importantly the candidate’s passion for the role.

Finding Exceptional Candidates

The outcome of our approach was very refreshing for our client.

1.    In a very short period (3-4 weeks), we were able to introduce to WOW a handful of qualified candidates
  • WOW was more than impressed by most of them and moved the majority to the next round of the interview process.

2.    Within 1 to 2 months of our candidates sourcing process, WOW was able to hire 3 exceptional employees
  • They were such a good fit that our client never stopped praising about how good they were.

  • 2/3 of these candidates have been in the company for more than a year now and that was a first for WOW. Before working with Reneshone, the average job tenure of employees coming from a recruitment agency was between 3-6 months whereas our candidates have both been there more than and a year and counting. In addition, the only one employee that we brought who left, did so due to personal circumstances not related to a lack of “know-how” or chemistry with the team.

3.    Our client confirmed that by working with us he saved at least $16,000 in recruitment cost and got the hires that he was looking for
  • The recruitment firm that they were working with was charging them a percentage of the base pay per hire. We don’t charge our client based on that formula.

The Road Ahead

Those new recruits have helped build the credibility of WOW for their clients, because we didn’t only find him talented employees, we found him exceptional employees who are skilled, professional, aligned with the culture and the company vision, and passionate about what they do.

Adam has been so satisfied by our service that a year after this mandate, he contacted us again to help him with a new role. We were able to source him a new exceptional employee in a monthand this is what he said to us 3 months after the onboarding of that new hire: “Mike is doing exceedingly well. He is ahead of plan with his onboarding and is actively contributing to our efforts. Another A+ candidate. You’re magic!”

This case illustrates the strategic and tactical approach we take to transform your workplace, so you optimize your ability to attract, retain and engage great talent in a competitive marketplace within your budgetary constraints.