Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a human  approach to  growing and established businesses
by empowering our clients to be workforce-centric organizations.
How We Got Started

The company was founded to address the absence of a formal and effective workforce engagement strategy in many organizations. To bridge this gap, we help growing and established companies of up to 3,000 employees attract, retain and engage talent. Using data-driven strategies and a human approach, Reneshone equips and empowers companies to become workforce-centric organizations.
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Our Impact

Reneshone is quickly becoming one of Canada’s leading data-driven human resources consulting firms for growing and established companies.
Companies with highly engaged employees have: 


More earnings per share than their competitors.

24% to 59%

Less turnover than disengaged teams.


Greater profitability.


Higher customer ratings than disengaged teams.


Higher productivity.

Our Core Values

Reneshone recognizes the unique opportunity when working together in harmonious fashion with our clients and sharing their viewpoints. This is illustrated in our core values.
Exceptional Leadership

Leaders who value their workforce are successful. We help you hire, create and empower these people with the tools they need.

Always Strive for a Solution

We strive to make the difference in workplaces.

Focus on People

From candidate sourcing to a person’s last day of work, we believe people should be able to do what they love every single day.

Act with Integrity

Without integrity nothing works. We help you be in compliance regarding your workforce, your HR policies and procedures.

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The Founder

Carine Lacroix brings more than 14 years of experience as an HR professional, cultivating caring partnerships that empower people and propel company growth rates.

She is of rare things an HR expert who truly understands numbers and the correlation of business and revenue optimization. With a broad, unique skill set, she has built a solid track record driving solid results for clients through many aspects of HR including total rewards, recruiting, HR advisory and coaching. She believes in turning dreams into reality and measuring progress with data. Another of Carine’s greatest gifts is her ability to select the right people and bring them together in a spirt of harmony and synergy.

In addition to HR expertise, Carine is also a business development leader known for finding new opportunities for companies. She is an entrepreneur at heart, bringing drive, creativity and business acumen to all her roles.

What truly sets Carine apart are two things: a) her unique expertise in optimizing human capital from recruitment to retention and b) her ability to tailor competitive and data-driven market expansion solutions that are fully aligned with long-term business strategy. She listens to the needs of all stakeholders and develops a tactical approach for growth initiatives that ensures business development efforts are targeted, measurable and sustainable.

Carine is fully bilingual and holds two master’s degrees, one in management, and one in economics. In addition to her leadership at Reneshone, she is also a member of the parity committee of Women in Governance, a non-profit organization with a mission to support women in their leadership development, career advancement and access to Board seats (www.womeningovernance.org). Finally, Carine is the vice president of AFAF (Association des femmes d’Affaires francophones), a non-profit, networking and social organization for French speakers in Ontario, Canada (www.afa.ca). 



Our Leadership

With Reneshone , you’ll have the expertise of people-oriented and research-driven professionals to guide you. We’ll make recommendations that will help you be a Best-In-Class Employer.
B.A., GBA., D. Carnegie Training Tharshini became a group underwriter in 2005. She then progressed in her career and became a benefits consultant. In addition to her extensive underwriting experience, she excels in performing business needs analysis, review and assessment of client’s financial positioning, risk analysis, sales of new policies and maintaining compliance with company guidelines and governmental regulations.
Tharshini Parames
Principal Benefits Consultant
M. Econ., MSc Management Carine started supporting the human resource function, team's effectiveness, happiness and engagement in 2005. She possesses all the requisite HR skill set (advisory, administration, total rewards, recruiting…) combined with a data-driven and high analytical skill set that she leverages to identify trends and patterns in the workplace. She has extensive experience and success with, in house HR, HR consulting and HR research. She is a member of WorldatWork, a global HR association that “serves, educates and inspires those who reward and engage the workforce”.(Please review “Our Founder” section for more information about Carine. )
Carine Lacroix
CEO and Founder
B.A., LL.B., M.B.A., Q. Arb., Q. Med Rekha was called to the Ontario Bar in 2002. She brings a wealth of experience as a conflict resolution specialist and was involved in international negotiations for the World Health Organization in Geneva. Among many engagements, she is also a senior lawyer adjudicator with an Ontario tribunal where she has presided over hundreds of hearings including those related to mental health and substitute decision making. She is mediator for St. Stephen’s Community House voluntary mediation program and also provides conflict coaching. She is a member of ADR Institute of Ontario, ADR Institute of Canada, and the Law Society of Ontario.
Rekha Lakra
Conflict Resolution Specialist
  • In addition to supporting our clients, we also support people in our community – and causes we truly believe in.

    Making The Difference

    Reneshone was Sponsor of the Brilliant Minded Women (BMW) gala, November 2018 and 2019 .Helping many women in Canada who cannot afford to continue education to receive a BMW scholarship instead.Sponsoring the BMW also means recognizing and celebrating the leadership of women in Canada who have impacted their community, their country and even the world.(www.brilliantmindedwomen.ca)