Why Are Diversity and Inclusion Important?

  • Diversity means MORE ideas, MORE perspectives, and MORE innovation.
  • Inclusion increases employee contribution, team collaboration, and customer value and loyalty.
  • Inclusion makes EVERYBODY feel welcome, respected, and empowered to work with one another.
  • Inclusion is about working TOGETHER and leveraging people ideas and perspectives through open and respectful communication.
  • A Diverse and Inclusive workplace is one that attracts and retains TOP TALENT.
  • In a Diverse and Inclusive workplace, LEADERSHIP becomes the norm and leaders do what is right.

How to Use Data to Facilitate Diversity and Achieve Inclusion at Work

July 2020 Diversity and Inclusion interview organized by Social Hire and featuring Reneshone’s Carine Lacroix (Abstract).

Need to use data to facilitate diversity and achieve inclusion in your organization?

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Our Approach

  • Inclusive to any type of diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious, generational, and beyond).
  • Data-driven, so tailored to your reality.
  • Meant to bring you ALL together.
  • Focuses on empowerment, responsibility and leadership.
  • Does not just tell you or teach you but, gets everybody involved.

Brighter Solutions

We meet you where you’re at and choose together people-centric and data-driven approaches that help you identify what to do with your HR data to empower your people and your organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

What’s possible? Discover insights that can change the future of your organization and more.

Diversity and Inclusion Data Analysis

Diversity and Inclusion Data Analysis

What’s possible? Remove biases that impact employee engagement and trigger turnover.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Diversity and Inclusion Training

What’s possible? Empower everyone about the benefits of diversity and build a united, inclusive culture.

The Impact

Effective Diversity and inclusion initiatives are Revenue Drivers – They are undeniably critical to organizations’ success as they translate to higher employee retention and engagement.
Companies with highly engaged employees have: 
  • 147%

More earnings per share than their competitors.

  • 24% to 59%

Less turnover than disengaged teams.

  • 21%

Greater profitability.

  • 10%

Higher customer ratings than disengaged teams.

  • 17%

Higher productivity.

(Gallup, 2019)

Diversity and Inclusion efforts are worthwhile. Some potential benefits for inclusive organizations are top talent attraction, higher employee engagement, better decision making and higher returns. Ready for a win-win-win scenario at work?

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Positively impact your organization a little to a lot every day by being an Ambassador of Inclusiveness

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