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Our HR solutions are based on real data about your team, the market and HR best practices. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best: leading your organization forward.

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We help our clients find success by optimizing the Talent Journey

Reneshone works tirelessly to fully understand your business, your opportunities and roadblocks.  We provide you with a tailored package that fits your vision, mission and budget. Whether you are large or small, we give every client the time and guidance they deserve.

Maybe you’re seeking to increase employee engagement or attract a special hire. Or you need to strengthen your total rewards program.

Whatever your HR need, question or stumbling block, contact us today.We will work with you to refine or create a fresh plan for future success.

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Talent Compensation
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Total Rewards Strategy and Benefits
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Talent Acquisition
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Work-Life Practices
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Performance/Career Path/ Recognition
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HR Support and Advisory Solutions
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Talent Compensation

Compensation is the fixed pay (base pay) and variable pay (commissions, bonuses, incentive plans, profit-sharing plans, performance-sharing plans, equity) that you provide to your workforce in exchange for their contribution to your organization. Compensation is an important factor in the decision-making process when new employees decide to join your company  and also a key factor in retaining them. When employees feel they are not paid fairly, their morale may decline, their attendance may drop, their productivity may slow and ultimately they might leave your organization. We provide a full-service compensation analysis and design to ensure an effective, competitive total compensation package for your workforce that is in alignment with your business strategy.

Our talent compensation solutions include:
  • Job worth hierarchy

  • Market-based job evaluation

  • Base pay structure

  • Base pay policy

  • Base pay adjustments

Working with Carine and Reneshone was an absolute pleasure. Carine has a comprehensive understanding of workforce attraction, retention and engagement. Reneshone surveyed our employees to determine their needs, helped us define our first formal total rewards strategy, designed a competitive total rewards package to attract and retain great employees. She also found us highly experienced and talented employees that we could have never been able to attract without her expertise. In addition, she created a comprehensive pay-scale that allows us to establish pay equity and competitively pay our employees for years to come

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James L.

Former Chief Customer Experience Officer at MASS Engines

Need support or guidance with talent compensation in your organization?

Talent Acquisition
We support your organization with the selection of the highest quality talent. That means you’ll be hiring candidates with the required skillsets and, most importantly, the personality that aligns with your organization’s culture. We help you attract talent through attractive job descriptions and appealing compensation packages.


Our talent acquisition solutions include:
  • Job content analysis and job descriptions creation or update

  • Sourcing and recruiting

  • Competitive compensation

I had the pleasure of working with Reneshone earlier this year when I was looking for a part-time assistant. I was a little hesitant to work with a professional because anybody else I had hired was through networking meetings and referral. However, I didn’t have the time to do a search, so I reached out to Carine and I was immediately sorry I hadn’t contacted Reneshone sooner. Reneshone helped me with the job description and took care of all the details including vetting resumes and setting up an interview. I ended up hiring the first candidate we interviewed who was a great fit in terms of the skills he brought and the hours he was looking for. I was really blown away with the speed at which Reneshone worked and the ease of the process, not to mention the quality of the candidate. I would highly recommend Reneshone for anybody looking to make a great hire.

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Mark B.

Founder and CEO at MB Digital Communications

Need support with talent acquisition for your organization?

Work-Life Practices
Work-life practices are some of the most important elements of the job deal. They should be designed to support employees’ efforts to achieve success in both their professional and personal lives. These practices have a big impact on workforce retention and engagement because they satisfy your employees’ intrinsic needs, such as: caring for dependents, getting workplace flexibility, getting health and wellness support, expecting diversity to be respected.

Our work-life practices include:
  • Culture change initiatives

  • Sense of community initiatives

  • Financial support programs

  • Health and wellness support programs

  • Workplace flexibility initiatives

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Need support with creating meaningful work-life practices in your organization?

Performance/Career Path/Recognition

Performance is one of the most challenging areas of responsibility in people management. That is the reason why it is essential to design a performance management process in line with best practices that will be perceived by your workforce as:

  • Clear and objective

  • A dialogue that includes recognition and career opportunities discussion

Our performance/career path/recognition practices include:
  • Performance assessment and update

  • Development and career path definition

  • Formal recognition approaches

  • Informal recognition programs

  • Energizing activities

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Need support with performance/career path/ recognition in your organization?

HR Support and Advisory Solutions

Reneshone understands your people matter a lot. They are essential to your organization’s well-being growth and bottom line.
As a trusted HR advisor, Reneshone can assist you by:

  • Linking workforce productivity to enterprise results by strengthening and systematizing quantifiable HR activities with data analytics, and helping you support your organization with concrete forecasting.

  • Designing and implementing HR policies that align with your organizational context and keep you in compliance.

  • Handling sensitive interactions such as exit interviews and employee relations so your workforce can openly share what is on their mind – information you need as a business.

  • Designing efficient employee handbooks that are welcoming and informative for a good start for your new hires.

Our HR support and advisory services include:
  • HR data analytics definition and reporting

  • HR policies and employment contracts

  • Employee handbook creation

  • Exit interviews

  • Employee relations

  • External dedicated consultant

Carine is a conscientious listener who adapted to our needs in order to find a person to fit our company. Carine was patient and always on hand when I needed her to help with the interviewing process and sit-in with candidates; drafting the advertisement for potential candidates and providing a template employment agreement to facilitate a smooth transition. I would highly recommend Carine and her company Reneshone as she was wonderful to work with. She is tenacious and made sure she was giving us exactly what we needed for our hiring process.

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Lisa L.

Principal at Laredo Law

Need HR support and advisory services for your organization?

Total Rewards Strategy and Benefits
An employee rewards program is only successful if your workforce finds the rewards valuable. Are your current rewards resonating with employees? Do you have a rewards program in place at all? Is it time for a refresh – or to find out how your employees feel about it?
Reneshone can assist by:


  • Helping you create a total rewards strategy that aligns with your vision, your mission and market realities.

  • Conducting a survey of your employees to find what they value in a job, what works and does not work in your organization.

We’ll make sure your benefits programs include the benefits and rewards that your workforce finds the most valuable, also ensuring they align with your total rewards strategy.

Our total rewards strategy and benefits solutions include:
  • Paid for time not worked programs (e.g. Vacations, holidays, personal leave, bereavement)

  • Income protection programs

  • Employee survey

  • Total rewards strategy and objectives creation or update

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Does your organization need to critically review its total rewards strategy and benefits program – or create a new one?