Our Services

At Reneshone we help our clients find success by optimizing the Talent Journey.

We are in the business of creating fulfilling futures for our clients and enjoyable career journeys for their employees.
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Services offered

Talent Acquisition
We support your organization with the selection of the highest quality talent. That means candidates with the required skill-set and, most importantly, the personality that aligns with your organization culture.
  • Understanding the value of your jobs for your business

  • Job content and job title alignment

  • Job descriptions creation and optimization

  • Candidates sourcing and screening

Talent Compensation
We provide a full-service compensation analysis and design to ensure total cash compensation, equity compensation and indirect compensation are effective, competitive and aligned with business strategy.
  • Total rewards strategies & objectives creation

  • Job worth hierarchy analysis

  • Market data analysis

  • Pay structures design

  • Benefits appraisal

Communication & Management
From market reports to internal survey results, Reneshone guides you on actions that positively impact business outcomes.
  • Internal studies to understand what is important to your employees

  • Exit interviews to understand what works and what does not work

  • Internal career paths definition

  • Effective performance appraisals approaches

  • Recognition programs customisation

HR Advisory
Through a personal development approach focused on what is important for our clients, we coach and advise those who seek our help.
  • Effective communication

  • Employee relations

  • Succession planning

  • Dedicated consultant

  • Team energizing activities

HR Support
We support your organization with HR administrative solutions from hiring and onboarding, to when employment ends and compliance.

  • Job offers templates

  • Employee handbook

  • HR policies & procedures

  • Employee orientation

  • Vacation accrual